There are many issues to consider when purchasing an aircraft, and it is not uncommon for the sales and use tax implications of a transaction to be overlooked. However, this can often be a very costly mistake as increasing budget deficits are causing many states to become more aggressive in the collection of sales and use tax. It is very important to ensure that you have legitimate sales and use tax exemptions in place before you purchase your aircraft, as a failure to do so may obligate you to pay the tax or enter into a potentially costly dispute with one or more states, which could have been avoided. With proper planning, it is often possible to alleviate the sales and use tax liability of an aircraft purchase. Our attorneys are well versed in the sales and use tax laws of all fifty states, and will work with you to structure your purchase in as tax-efficient a manner as possible.

Audit Defense

Much like our federal audit defense services, we offer state sales tax audit defense as part of our comprehensive engagements. State sales tax audit defense can also be added to one of our non-comprehensive engagements.