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We are a law firm founded by lawyers and with an accounting staff having many years of aircraft-specific legal, regulatory, tax and accounting experience – it is all we do. We assist our clients, and work closely with their existing advisors in all aspects of business aircraft transactions including acquisition and disposition, aircraft management, ownership and operational structure design including entity formation, financing, and all manner of documentation including purchase agreements, aircraft leases, charter management agreements, marketing agreements, pilot services agreements, etc.

We are well versed in FAA regulations; in addition to helping our clients ensure federal and state aviation regulatory compliance, our focus is tax efficiency – we work with our clients to avoid sales tax on the acquisition of their aircraft, and to access the panoply of federal tax benefits including depreciation and expense deductions related to proper business operations.

To these ends, we assist our clients and work with their existing advisors to monitor and advise operations and properly document use of their aircraft including maintaining the aircraft flight log, personal use fringe-benefit calculations for deductible personal use of the aircraft, and preparing tax returns and schedules, both state and federal, for the entities formed to own the aircraft and support its business use and attendant deductions.

We stand for our clients and defend our structures and tax reporting in the event of audit, state or federal, at no additional charge.

We assist clients in operating foreign-registered aircraft in the US and US-registered aircraft outside the US with regard to US law, as well as importing and exporting aircraft.

We offer customized, flexible and client-centric services at economical rates. Our fixed-fee engagements are annual only, with no multi-year, binding contracts as are common in our practice area. We offer traditional hourly engagements as well.