Fractional Ownership

Choosing the correct fractional program and structure for your mission is essential, but can also be somewhat daunting. Our firm can assist you with the review of your fractional agreements, the structuring of your ownership and use of your fractional interest aircraft, as well as maximization of available deductions.

Time Sharing

Unless you have received the required certification from the FAA to act as a common carrier, it is illegal to provide an aircraft and pilot from the same entity if any compensation is received. This rule can cause potential FAA and insurance concerns for aircraft owners who simply want to provide the use of their aircraft and pilot to others. The FAA has established exceptions to the “illegal charter” rules by allowing owners to provide their aircraft, with pilot, to others under certain defined circumstances. Our attorneys will work with you to create customized structures and agreements that will fit your needs and will advise you on the implementation of these arrangements.